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About us

Welcome to Bratislava - the heart of Europe. We are the people who know all the up-and-coming places and belong here. We know the right people and therefore can put you right in the center of the happening in Bratislava. We can show you all the new spots visited only by locals, but we can also show you prestigious luxury places that would put Vienna, Paris or London to shame. Bars, clubs, sports grounds, interesting historical sites that you won't find in guide books. We know what's cool today and we also know that tomorrow it's going to be something else. Be a Bratislavian for one weekend in your life.

We are a group of young people, who like to travel and also get excited by all the new visitors coming to our city. That’s why we decided to offer you the best there is to find.

Our agency is open to groups of visitors of any age. You did not just come to Slovakia for sightseeing but also with a goal to experience something amazing!

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